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<![CDATA[The truth about Bangkok Tuk Tuks]]>Fri, 28 Oct 2016 01:25:31 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/10/the-truth-about-bangkok-tuk-tuks.htmlBy Taylor  -  Anyone who has been to Bangkok and taken a tuk tuk knows that they can be a lot of fun, and a major ripoff. There is talk of gasoline coupons, and commission, and "Official" tuk tusk vs private ones.It is impossible to get into one without being harassed to be taken to a tailor shop or travel agency. And at night you are constantly asked if you want to go to a lady massage or out for some "boom boom".
I met a tuk tuk driver last night in Bangkok, and as he was taking me to Khao San road he pulled over and asked if I would go into a tailor shop and look at suits. If I did he said he would cut the price of my ride from 100 baht to 50 baht. (30 baht = $1) I agreed! I spent two minutes chatting to the tailor about a wool coat I was interested in getting tailored, and then left and got back into the tuk tuk, and we continued on. I asked if he got commission for taking me there, and he told me he got gasoline coupons. 5 litres.

He pulled over again, and asked if he could take me to a travel agent, just to talk to them. If I did he wouldn't charge me anything for my ride. I agreed again! And spent 2 minutes talking to a woman about train tickets (they wanted 900 baht for a week away - the soonest they could find me a train to Chiang Mai. I had already bought the exact ticket across the street at the actual train station for 840 baht.)
After talking, I got back into the tuk tuk and my driver thanked me, and we continued to Khao San Road free of charge. I asked him to pull over again, and then I turned on the charisma and asked him how much commission he got, he flashed me 300 baht and smiled.

He earned 300 baht for taking me to a travel agency, and I didn't even buy anything! A scheme started brewing in my mind. I asked him if he would take me to ten more tailor shops the next day, and split the commission with me. He thought for a moment, and then started jumping up and down! He was so excited, he had never thought of that before. He gave me his number, and we met up this afternoon.
We went all over Bangkok, pricing suits, looking at gems, talking ticket prices. And after 4 hours, we had made 2600 baht ($92) and become good friends. He opened up and told me everything about tuk tuk scams, and prices, how much drivers make at different places.

He bought me path Thai, and let me drive his tuk tuk down an alley, across a main road and into a parking lot.
I now will present the facts to you about tuk tuks in three phases. firstly..

The Problem

  • Tuk tuk drivers make commision for taking you places, especially tailor shops and travel agencies. It can be hard to find a tuk tuk sometimes because the hotel you want to go to isn't one that pays them. So instead they will either refuse to pick you up, or take you to a hotel that does pay them, assuring you that the one you wanted burned down or is fully booked.
  • Tuk tuk drivers charge a ton of money. There is no meter, so your at the mercy of the drivers knowledge of the streets to get a good deal. Its usually exponentially better than your knowledge of Bangkok - therefore you may pay hundreds of baht to get a ride around the corner.
  • Gas costs next to NOTHING in a tuk tuk. They tell you it does, but they get it from the company that rents them the tuk tuk for 10 baht a litre, and one litre will get them anywhere in Bangkok and back. Twice.
  • The handoff of commission to a driver is shady business, the unaware customer will never see it. A man sits outside of each establishment, and opens the door for you. As soon as you go inside he hands the driver a tightly rolled, or stapled wad of bills. The driver pockets it, and tells you its gasoline coupons if you ask. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GASOLINE COUPONS. ITS A LIE!

The Prices

  • Cost to rent a tuk tuk for 12 hours - 270 baht
  • Commission for a tailor shop - 35% of what you spend goes to the driver
  • Commission for a tourist office - 40%
  • Finders fee for just bringing you into a tailor shop - 200 baht
  • Finders fee for just bringing you into a tourist office - 300 baht
  • Commission for bringing a paying customer to a lady massage - 50% (the driver makes around 1500 - 2000 baht for each customer he brings)
  • Liter of petrol - 10 baht

The Workaround

Every time a tuk tuk picks you up, there is one of two things to do. 

A. When negotiating a price, tell them that they can take you to a tailor and keep the 200 baht commission, but you want to ride for free. Its important to let them know that you know what happens. They feel exposed, the secret is out. They arent going to be able to trick you, and they will usually roll with it.
B. Wholeheartedly refuse to go to tailors or tourist offices, and pay inflated prices - the whole time feeling better about yourself for not feeding a corrupt system.

You must decide between A and B.
I recommend A though!

Pae (my driver, he is 25) Is now my brother. He is picking me up tomorrow to take me to the train station (free of charge) and told me that any time Im ever in Bangkok to call him - and he will give me free rides anywhere I want to go for free.

First published by whereistaylor.com / Dec 2010
* All together, its pretty much the same in 2016. The only difference now; One litre petrol is now about 23 - 26 Baht, $1 rate = about 35 Baht.
I do recommend anyway, try and get a METER - Taxi. They ate reasonable, and you`ll see the price!
Thai Massage; usually between 300 - 600 Baht   (* I speak of an Traditional Thai Massage!)
<![CDATA[Sadly, Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej dead at 88]]>Thu, 13 Oct 2016 15:05:37 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/10/sadly-thailands-king-bhumibol-adulyadej-dead-at-88.html
Maha Vajiralongkorn - The New King
Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-reigning monarch, has died after 70 years as head of state, the palace says.

The 88-year-old king was widely revered but had been in poor health in recent years, making few public appearances.

He was seen as a stabilising figure in a country hit by cycles of political turmoil and multiple coups.
dead of Thailands king, Thailand, King of Thailand, Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej dead at 88
Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn will be the new monarch, the prime minister has said.

In a televised address to the nation, Prayut Chan-ocha said Thailand would hold a one-year mourning period and that all entertainment functions must be "toned down" for a month.

Describing the king's death as "the most devastating moment for Thais", the prime minister said: "He is now in heaven and may be looking over Thai citizens from there."

King Bhumibol was widely respected across Thailand, and thought of by many as semi-divine.

Hundreds of mourners have gathered outside the Bangkok hospital where he died, stricken with grief at the news.
Many held pictures of the king and wore yellow or pink clothing in his honour.

"How will Thailand live without you father?" cried one distressed man.

"I lost one of the most important people in my life. I feel like I haven't done enough for him," said another.
A palace official, speaking to crowds outside the hospital, said the body of the king would be moved to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok on Friday.

"His majesty has passed away at Siriraj Hospital peacefully," the palace statement said earlier, adding he had died at 15:52 (08:52 GMT).

Parliament is to hold a special session at 21:00 local time (14:00 GMT).

The king's death comes as Thailand remains under military rule following a coup in 2014.

Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn, who is 63, is much less well known to Thais and has not attained his father's widespread popularity. He spends much of his time overseas, especially in Germany.
World tributes

Tributes have been flowing in from across the world.

US President Barack Obama called him a "tireless champion of his country's development".

"I had the honour of calling on his majesty the king during my visit to Thailand in 2012, and recall his grace and warmth, as well as his deep affection and compassion for the Thai people," he said.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said in a statement that he hoped Thailand would honour King Bhumibol's legacy of commitment to universal values and respect for human rights.
* Source BBC - Read More, included all full news updates at BBC
<![CDATA[The Dancing Elephants of Baan Ta Klang - Surin, Thailand]]>Sun, 02 Oct 2016 19:06:45 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/10/the-dancing-elephants-of-baan-ta-klang-surin-thailand.htmlFrom Ghana to Visiting Dancing Elephants in Thailand!  Thailand and North Eastern-Thailand will be incomplete without a visit to Ban Ta Klang Elephant village in the province of Surin...
The elephant is one of the national symbols of Thailand. Here, you can also watch the elephants bathing and being washed by their mahouts. 
Most of the elephants kept and trained at Baan Ta Klang are used in Surin's annual "Elephant Roundup" when anything up to 500 elephants, including huge bulls, cows and young calves, and taken to Surin city for a bit opening parade, followed by elephant tournaments in the Surin Stadium. This Huge & Stunning Elephant Festival is held in November each year, at which time it is pointless visiting Baan Ta Klang as all the elephants are in Suring taking part in the show.   

See More And Read More At http://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/
<![CDATA[Are you a passionate photographer? Then read this, before travelling! ]]>Fri, 30 Sep 2016 20:54:47 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/09/are-you-a-passionate-photographer-then-read-this-before-travelling.htmlHere, I will explain why you need to be smart, before travelling to Thailand and probably also to the surrounding countries. First of all; Don`t make that mistake, and think Thailand is a cheap Asian country! It might be right, if you are a smoker, food lover... Please check back soon, for all tips!
Please check back soon, for all tips!
<![CDATA[Food and Drink in Thailand]]>Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:10:51 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/09/food-and-drink-in-thailand.html Speaking about dining in Thailand, there are plenty of always fresh choices. Whatever your taste, you`ll find the right food for you. As you are in Thailand, you don`t want to miss that amazing taste of authentic Thai food. But, if you prefer a European, American style Pizza or traditional Pasta instead, you`ll find this as well. There are various Indian and Chinese food options too.
Freshly prepared sea food. Cheap and tasty! (c) Remo 2016
The best time to go out for food is well after 5 pm. Sunset time in Thailand. It`s the time when streets become more lively. People shopping around, and food and street vendors pop up their mobile kitchens. But, actually you find day and night freshly cooked food in Thailand`s main cities. Many small shops like like 7/11 or Family Mart open 24 hours. If it`s about coffee and tea, you`ll find everywhere Iced Coffee and Iced Tea. Recommended is Green Iced Matcha style tea. Absolutely stunning taste! Just yummy!  Read here and see some of my photographs, of what to enjoy...
<![CDATA[Ban Ta Klang - Visit of the Elephant Village]]>Tue, 20 Sep 2016 16:27:24 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/09/ban-ta-klang-visit-of-the-elephant-village.html Ban Ta Klang - The Elephant Village is located in Mu 9 and 13, Ban Ta Klang, Tambon Krapho, the village can be reached via highway 214 (Surin-Roi Et Rd.). When coming (from Surin), you may want to use public transport from Surin`s bus station. Cost 50 - 60 BT each passenger. It will take about one hour to get there. The last pickup bus back to Surin is around 4 pm. Entrance fee just around 150 BT. 
Many of the locals at Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village are of the Suay ethnic minority. They are skilled in capturing, training and raising Asian elephants, actuallly the national Thai symbol.
I think, it is well worth to visit the village. There is a daily elephant show, you`ll find souvenir shops, food and just some nice entertainment. Private hire taxi will cost you between 1000 BT and 1500 BT.
When you get there a bit earlier, you can see the elephant training techniques demonstrated, if wish, you may ride an elephant, and visit the Elephant Museum, which contains a skeleton of a full sized elephant, plus lots of information about their training and place in Thai history.
<![CDATA[Surin and Surin Museum - Elephant province]]>Sat, 10 Sep 2016 18:34:13 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/09/surin-and-surin-museum-elephant-province.html Surin - Also know as Elephant Province.
Every November in Surin; The large Elephant festival. 
Elephant Memorial in Surin centre, related to the white Elephant and the founding of Surin. (c) Remo 2016 / EventPicture.co.uk
See also below map, and more info`s and pictures.
Surin National Museum
A very nice and sorted museum, giving lots of insights into Surin`s and Thailand`s history. There is a recreated small village, a silk weaving work shop, and you find even a audio archive of traditional Thai music. There are recreated burial chambers, and pagodas. Learn about geology of esp. Surin and area. You`ll find there a collection of traditional dresses. The museum is on two floors and an outside area. A small museum shop at the end of the exhibition walk.
Surin National Museum - As of September 2016, Free Admission!
Amazing - As of September 2016, the admission to this fantastic museum is free. Even for foreign visitors Visitors are permitted to photograph free, but without flash. (Understandable). All in once, the museum staff is very helpful and friendly. I recommend, to donate some money. You`ll find a sealed donation box just right hand side, at the main entrance. 
<![CDATA[Prices in Thailand]]>Sat, 10 Sep 2016 17:05:54 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/09/prices-in-thailand.htmlThere are many opinion`s out there, claiming, Thailand is so cheap... Well, I can not agree, but also not disagree. All depends on yourself, what to expect and quality of life, you wish to have over here. Picture
Let start with basics. If you have book your accommodation with breakfast, fine. But, often, they don`t have milk, but powder replacement. Milk in Thailand is usually the same or more, as in UK. Coffee, somewhere will cost you easy £2 pounds. Beer, in Bangkok and other tourist spots is most expensive. Pub quality location, usually £1.40 for a small beer (about 1/2 pint). Outside Bangkok and inside Thailand, you`ll get roughly a pint (bottle) for £1.40. If you intend to enjoy your beer at one of the "Red Light" girl spots in Pataya, Bangkok and so on, a small bottle of beer will cost you double. Prices, you`ll find otherwise in Dublin... Even Amsterdam is cheaper. But, if you are happy with traditional Thai street food, a medium Pepsi or Coke, you might pay just £1.20 - £2 pounds all-together. (See also below Bangkok map and more info`s)

Thai Food, Food and Drink, Thailand, Restaurant, Thailand Holiday, Prices in Thailand, Prices, Cost of Living,
Having food in a Thai restaurant; £12 can buy a meal for 2, included drinks and ice cream. Something, you would pay bak home easily £20 each! (and not as authentic)
Museum or boat ride in Bangkok; Grand Palace (King Palace) = 500 BT, about £11.40 each.
Boat hire (anyway not recommended), near Grand Palace = 500 BT - 1100 BT. 
Instead, use the public ferry and boat services. (£3 BT - 30 BT, only).
A really tasty Thai soup and Pepsi, served within an air conditioned restaurant at the ferry port = 100 BT (about £2.30 pounds).
There are people outside, telling you that the Grand Palace is closed..., for what ever reason. SCAM! The palace is open daily till 3.30 pm! They offer you cheap sounding tours with motor-three-bikes for 100 BT. Don`t fall for, as you land up at overpriced shopping places.
Use public transport, as much as you can! Use your Google Map navigation. Get yourself a card of Bangkok. You will save £££ $$$ or Euros! 
24/7 = small super market. Check the prices! You might spend less or more, than at home!
Tesco-Lotus = Sometimes cheaper, but often the same prices or even more, than back in UK.
Smoker? Well, Thailand is a smoker paradise. Between £1.20 - £2 pounds, per pack.
Hotels; I recommend to use Expedia, as example. Book hotel and flight back home for 3 or 4 nights. Expedia allows you to book a return flight and hotel in one go, even if the hotel stay is 1 - 3 or 5 days only.
You can easily book your next hotel, again via Expedia and mobile, when in Thailand. No fees. And better prices, than you would get direct at the hotel!

  • Check back soon, as I`ll continue, including more pictures!
<![CDATA[Flight and first day and night in Thailand]]>Thu, 08 Sep 2016 07:10:18 GMThttp://thailand.eventpicture.co.uk/1/post/2016/09/flight-and-first-day-and-nightin-thailand.htmlLeaving London Heathrow, 31st August 2016 at 9.40pm and arriving after nearly 12 hours flight at 3.30pm, September 1st, in Bangkok, Thailand. I had booked Thai Airways, to have my first experience of the country, I will stay for about a month. The plane was pretty new, clean and friendly stewardesses welcoming passengers.  As the aircraft was not fully booked, I was offered 3 sits, as many others too. Good thing, so I was able to stretch myself and sleep. But even legroom is really good. Compared to (very bad) Virgin Atlantic or even acceptable (KLM). And I mean standard sit... The food and drink offered was surprisingly good. Whereby the coffee is a bit strong. During the 12 hours, I got up 3 times, exercising my legs a bit, but fell asleep again soon. Arriving at Bangkok`s new, futuristic and huge international airport, passing trough low clouds....monsoon season in Thailand. The rainy season, lasts from May to November and is dominated by the southwest monsoon, during which time rainfall in most of Thailand is at its heaviest.  
...my goodness, what a modern airport! Pick up via airport bus. Entering the airport. As I have booked for VIP service, I am welcomed by a guide, holding my name up. From there on, everything went fast and smooth. Involving just a bit of walk, but then I am am at the "fast line check in" to Thailand. The officer had non of this proclamed smile. At my request, I was then guided buy my VIP guide, to buy a Thailand phone card (AIS), at the cost of about 900 BT, including 9 GB full internet and included 50BT (about £1.10) for texting or calling.
After I bought the sim card (full service, included setting everything up to go), I was guided to the underground railway station, changing some money on the way nearby, at an better rate than up in the airport hall or even back in UK. The rail ticket was about 38 BT.
A modern and fast train, just few years back inaugurated, linking the international airport with Bangkok city. Travel time about 40 min.
I could have used the cheaper and slow bus service or an VIP pick up at the cost of £42 pounds extra.
The train is actually the best and fastest way to get into the really very busy and flashing city...

- Will be continued - Hotel / 1st Night and Breakfast / Prices in Thailand

Arriving and welcome at my hotel for 3 nights, in Bangkok 
Prices in Thailand. Is Thailand really so cheap, as so many claim? I don`t think so...
- Please see my next blogs - soon...