Speaking about dining in Thailand, there are plenty of always fresh choices. Whatever your taste, you`ll find the right food for you. As you are in Thailand, you don`t want to miss that amazing taste of authentic Thai food. But, if you prefer a European, American style Pizza or traditional Pasta instead, you`ll find this as well. There are various Indian and Chinese food options too.
Freshly prepared sea food. Cheap and tasty! (c) Remo 2016
The best time to go out for food is well after 5 pm. Sunset time in Thailand. It`s the time when streets become more lively. People shopping around, and food and street vendors pop up their mobile kitchens. But, actually you find day and night freshly cooked food in Thailand`s main cities. Many small shops like like 7/11 or Family Mart open 24 hours. If it`s about coffee and tea, you`ll find everywhere Iced Coffee and Iced Tea. Recommended is Green Iced Matcha style tea. Absolutely stunning taste! Just yummy!  Read here and see some of my photographs, of what to enjoy...


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