Surin - Also know as Elephant Province.
Every November in Surin; The large Elephant festival. 
Elephant Memorial in Surin centre, related to the white Elephant and the founding of Surin. (c) Remo 2016 /
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Surin National Museum
A very nice and sorted museum, giving lots of insights into Surin`s and Thailand`s history. There is a recreated small village, a silk weaving work shop, and you find even a audio archive of traditional Thai music. There are recreated burial chambers, and pagodas. Learn about geology of esp. Surin and area. You`ll find there a collection of traditional dresses. The museum is on two floors and an outside area. A small museum shop at the end of the exhibition walk.
Surin National Museum - As of September 2016, Free Admission!
Amazing - As of September 2016, the admission to this fantastic museum is free. Even for foreign visitors Visitors are permitted to photograph free, but without flash. (Understandable). All in once, the museum staff is very helpful and friendly. I recommend, to donate some money. You`ll find a sealed donation box just right hand side, at the main entrance. 


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