From Ghana to Visiting Dancing Elephants in Thailand!  Thailand and North Eastern-Thailand will be incomplete without a visit to Ban Ta Klang Elephant village in the province of Surin...
The elephant is one of the national symbols of Thailand. Here, you can also watch the elephants bathing and being washed by their mahouts. 
Most of the elephants kept and trained at Baan Ta Klang are used in Surin's annual "Elephant Roundup" when anything up to 500 elephants, including huge bulls, cows and young calves, and taken to Surin city for a bit opening parade, followed by elephant tournaments in the Surin Stadium. This Huge & Stunning Elephant Festival is held in November each year, at which time it is pointless visiting Baan Ta Klang as all the elephants are in Suring taking part in the show.   

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